Happy Halloween, dear painters of the flesh canvas. Finally, we are approaching a day where everyone will wear a mask without bitching. Swoon.   


It’s been a rough go for this industry in particular, what with the Covid-19 epidemic forcing months-long closures around the country and deterring would-be customers from showing up to get new work done. We know that a significant number of you have been significantly impacted and we know it’s not easy to surmount that level of adversity on the business level.  


We also know that we’ve said this repeatedly now, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who have continued to thrive, we hope and pray you’ll consider your fellow artists and see if there isn’t a way you can help some of them make it through. We’re all in this together.    


Meanwhile, we’re doing what we can to make things just a bit easier for you. Since we’re all trying to avoid unnecessary physical interaction as much as possible, we’ve put together SHOP PAIN Magazine for your convenience. Shop PAIN Magazine is a brand-new platform that enables tattoo and piercing artists to purchase all of the supplies they need in one place without having touch or breathe anyone else’s covids. No mask required! 


Meanwhile, enjoy this, the latest issue of your favorite magazine for the body modification industry. We’ll see you in November.  


PAIN Magazine is the undisputed standard-bearer of all things body modification; the advocate, advisor, confidant and documentarian of a once marginalized trade, now on the cusp of cultural ubiquity. As a publication, we stand alone — peerless within our market sector for nearly 20 years. As fellow operators within the space, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those whom we serve, wholly invested in the continued success of our industry. We are the guide to help you walk the tightrope between the intangibles of the trade—art, integrity and community—and the cold hard facts of your bottom line. With a monthly circulation of 12,000 copies that go out across the U.S. and Canada and a reader base of over 36,000 industry professionals, it’s easy to understand why our professional, informative and artistic format offers the best buy per advertising dollar.

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