Papillon Supply & Starbrite Colors

PAPILLON STUDIO SUPPLY & MFG. and Starbrite Colors are the creation of Michael Nicholson, a true legend tattoo artist also known as “Papillon”, who owned tattoo studios in Connecticut, Vermont, and Florida. Michael held a Masters Degree in Art and from there its history taking his love of drawing and his passion for art, and made it his mission to start a top quality business, manufacturing and selling tattoo ink (Starbrite Colors), tattoo machines, and our Peerless tips, tubes, grips, and needles.

Michael got his first Tattoo from Nick Picarro of Hartford, CT. in the early 50’s which was before Nick started his supply business with Bill Jones. Michael eventually acquired equipment that was left from their business – A coil-winder (Made by Doc Wagner & updated by Bill Jones), fiber punches, dies, and machines. Mike Learned alot throughout the years from talking to artist’s that were local and abroad, and was always grateful to Paul Rogers for his help with making machines with him, and his help making them run efficiently.

Mike Nicholson hired Carol Landry in January of 1994, to make needles and in 1995 he named his ink STARBRITE COLORS after Cindy Cote ( OFFICE MANAGER ) thought of the name. together they produced new Starbrite Colors. After Mike’s death in 1998, Papillon continues to make the Starbrite Colors for Papillon Studio Supply & Mfg to this day and has expanded the line by creating new colors.

Today Papillon Supply continues on without Michael because of the hard work and loyalty of the employees who both knew and loved him, and who appreciate what Papillon represents.

PAPILLON SUPPLY and Starbrite Colors –

Phoenix Chest Piece – Sandra Daukshta, 2017

Neotraditional Queen Tattoo – Glendale Bully, 2017

Koala Tattoo – Olga Mopik Sienkiewicz, 2017

Koala tattoo, November 2017
Artist: Olga Mopik Sienkiewicz –