Lighthouse Tattoo – Antonina Trochini, 2017

Native American Portrait – Dmitry Paramonov, 2017

Invictus Body Jewelry

Salesone LLC, was created 17 years ago to supply body jewelry to piercing shops and retailers which were suddenly getting enormous demand from their customers. Before the late 90’s body jewelry was not a popular fashion. Pop Icon’s such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilar’s and others helped to break the body jewelry out of the extreme and into the pop culture conciseness. Thankfully, We have come a long way culturally since then!

The company focus has been in the alternative , new, and niche products and prefers to stay clear of the consumer good mentality. The name Salesone is merely the business name behind it’s most important efforts including Body Jewelry, Men’s Alternative metal Jewelry, and Licensed Fan based Jewelry. Our mission is to provide the best quality product with affordable pricing. We only sell to shops and do not sell directly to the consumer.

The evolution of INVICTUS body jewelry is born from the company getting back to it’s quality roots before competition drove prices down to levels that forced quality to be compromised by nearly all the suppliers. As Professional Piercers know, the quality of the product used in the piercing process is very important. And, the consumer actually recognizes this importance as well.
We want our customers to have the best and safest experience possible with our jewelry.

INVICTUS body jewelry is manufactured only using implant grade materials (Ti 6Al-4V ELI ASTM-F136) that are all internally threaded.

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