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April 2018

Shining Light’s Shout Out to Transcendence Tattoo

Shining Light would like to take this opportunity to give a Shout Out to Transcendence Tattoo, San Diego. Owner, operator and machine builder Josh Ridge of Transcendence has been a loyal customer and supporter of Shining Light for over a decade. For Shining Light, our local customers and supporters are our biggest asset. We try to acknowledge this every chance we get. Josh and his new shop Transcendence is the perfect opportunity.

Although Transcendence is new its history with Josh goes back over 20 years. He helped Shining Light improve our line of products over the years and we still sell the machines he builds today. Josh has been an artist in Southern California since the beginning. Like many of our customers, Shining Light likes to keep business local when we can and Josh’s coil machines are one of the local products we keep in stock.

Big Up, Peace, and Shout Out to Transcendance Tattoo!

Welcome to Transcendence Tattoo. It is one of the hottest new tattoo shops to open in a long time! Its the culmination of 20 years of planning, says Josh, the owner and lead tattoo artist.

After several shops and a lot of years in the buisness, Josh finally built out the perfect shop with the best products from Shining Light Tattoo Supply. Everything is new, its relaxing, its comfortable and its clean. Its definitely got a great vibe.

We are located at 410 W. Felicita Ave, Suite G in Escondido California.

You can also find us at or on instagram: transcendence_tattoo. Feel free to call, (760)-743-3090.

Statue of Liberty – finger tattoo – Stenafano’s tattoo gallery

Sailor Saturn tattoo – Brando Chiesa – March 2018

Soldier and child by Matteo Pasqualin – March 2018

Geometric Foot Tattoos by Alvaro Flores – March 2018

Bear in natural landscape – tattoo by Megan Jean Morris

Geometric Lion & Galaxy tattoo – Bobby Cupparo, March 2018