#220 September Metal Mafia

September 2020 Welcome

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, marked, punctured and scarred, one and all—it’s September! That means we’ve now made it through three-quarters of the year 2020 and the earth has yet to open up and swallow us all. Maybe that’s a low bar to set for celebration, but hell with it. We all need a party every so often. Take what you can get.  


Macabre sarcasm aside, it’s comforting to know that all things are temporary, that even the seemingly cataclysmic shifts in our reality will soon pass from looming hurdles to distant memories, leaving us only stronger for the experience.  


Meanwhile, we implore you again, don’t forget about those within our community who haven’t fared as well. Artists whose clientele disappeared amidst the pandemic; fledgling studios who were forced to close their doors before they could even get their running start, now facing down lenders with nothing to show, save hope a government check; they could have been any one of us. Let’s hold them in our thoughts and uplift them with our actions.  


In the meantime, enjoy your September and avoid fault lines.  

August 2020 Welcome

We’ve now made it well past the halfway point of 2020. That in itself should be reason to celebrate. Seriously, if we aren’t nearly grazed by a comet at some point before December 31st, we should throw a massive party and chalk the year up as a win, even with all the calamity we’ve seen thus far.     Take […]

#219 August 2020