Anji Marth: Industrial Espionage

Interview with Anji Marth (resonanteye)

What is your home studio/Location?

Mom’s Custom, Spokane.


Painterly, brushy, rough and heavy work

In a trade where flesh is exposed regularly, how do you personally draw the line between sexual empowerment and objectification?

If it’s your own body, you can do as you like with it. You own your own body and it’s yours to hide or display. Using your client’s bodies to get more views or exposure is exploitative. I want to see tattoos, not ass, personally. But if its YOUR ass, go on and use it . . . However, there’s an expiration date on looks, so try to make sure that you use everything you’ve got to send focus to your WORK, because that’ll last. When a man complains that women tattoo artists use “TNA” to get ahead, I usually see a ton of half naked women in that guy’s Instagram feed . . . that’s exploitation. That’s bullshit.

How do you deal with a client with a bad idea?

I talk them into a good idea . . . It’s part of our job to get in their heads and find out what they really want, who they are, why they chose that thing, and then use all that mind-reading to make a better, more individual tattoo.

How do you achieve timelessness with your work in an era where trends can come and go within a week?

I really do dislike the stigma artists place on trendy tattoos. A lot of those ideas are trends because they’re cool to look at. A V-shape on the lower back? That’s a brilliant way to emphasize the waist! And then some slut shaming jerk gets sick of it and starts calling it a tramp stamp. I love tribal/big black work. I don’t appropriate cultures; I go with abstraction instead. Bold, big black work HOLDS and looks amazing as people’s bodies age.

Any sponsorships?

I refuse to be sponsored. It’s industrial espionage to tell people what materials you use to get your results. There’s no magic in the brand name.

Anything you’d like to add? 

Piercers are the best practice skin for new concepts. Thanks. Also, I know everyone. if you don’t know me, I know your boss.

@resonanteye; Instagram, tumblr
@resonanteye.dark; Instagram of dark work


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