Pain Favorite: Brooks – Pa’u Tattoo

I was a specialist in the army when I started the path of tattooing in 2002 on Oahu.

I had no desire to be a tattoo artist until a guy over-charged me for a tattoo that I had drawn for myself. I knew he was trying to get one over on me so while he tattooed me I watched him, like it was my first lesson. After that I bought the garbage tattoo kit that we all hate and got to work on my leg. When it was all done everyone in my unit wanted a tattoo. The rest is history.

My favorite type of tattoos: Freehand tribal, fine line tattoos, and color.

What I find fascinating about tattooing is the freedom to do whatever I want artistically… So the only person who controls my success is me. I’m my own boss.

Parting words: You’ll never be shit waiting on the approval of others! So don’t worry bout them. Jus do what you supposed to do. Cuz haters be everywhere bruh.

Pa’u Tattoo
66-160 Kamehameha Hwy. Haleiwa HI
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