Celebrity Artist: Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva has only been tattooing for 2 years and successfully beat season 8, Ink Master winner, Ryan Ashley during an Ink Angels episode to secure his spot to compete in season 10 of Ink Master.

He has turned his life around at the young age of 24 and says “What sparked my interest in tattooing the most was watching other people pursue and live their dream of creating art for a living. Being able to wake up every day knowing there’s room for growth and creating something better than the day before, to me, is the key to life. Being able to put your heart and soul into something, that is helping you live.”

Mr Silva describes himself as “dedicated beyond all belief” with aspirations of creating a unique innovative environment in SoCal (Southern Cali) with his best friend Gabe (the tattooer/apprentice), Dalton (the photographer) and AJ (barber/music producer). To not only to create a tattoo studio, but a place where creative minds can come together.

Daniel Silva is a realism artist who dabbles in sacred geometry, ornamental black-and-grey, and dotwork tattooing out of Gilroy CA. Some of his favorite artists inspirations are Jun Cha and Glendale Bully while also studying Sullen Time lapse videos of Nikki Hurtado and Tectorial on YouTube.

He says “Success is not something you simply wake up with. Success It’s a mindset you achieve by chasing your goals every single day. No matter how much you achieve in life it’s human nature to want more. Falling in love with the Journey is a huge part of that every day success and I hope one day I master that feeling”

Regardless of how he fairs on Ink Master season 10, Silva is definitely someone to watch out for in the industry.

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