Celebrity Artist – Danielle McKnight

Danielle McKnight is a professional, female tattoo artist out of Fontana California, at Sanchez Ink.

She has been tattooing for over nine years, and was a recent contestant on last year’s Season 8 of Ink Master. Although she did not make it onto Team Nunez or Team Peck, she came back this fall, on Season 4 of Ink Master: Redemption, to prove that she’s got what it takes. Danielle is a well-rounded tattoo artist, and does a little bit of everything, but her favorite style is neo-traditional, with bold lines and bright color.

Danielle got her start in tattooing when she was 20 years-old, mentoring under the well-known Johnny Quintana. “Johnny definitely taught me a lot during my apprenticeship. Besides the trade of tattooing, and how to be a better artist, he taught me that dedication is key, and to always be humble. And I will always carry those words of wisdom with me, not only in my artwork, but my everyday life.”

Being a female tattoo artist, in a male-dominated industry, Danielle says she has definitely had to work harder to prove that she can tattoo just as good as the guys, if not better. “Being a female tattoo artist comes with its hardships, that’s for sure. But as I’ve grown as an artist in this industry, it’s become empowering to be a female tattoo artist. I feel like a badass, and I hope other women in the industry feel the same. One thing that I loved about being on Season 8 of Ink Master, was that the cast was very female heavy for the first time. And that for the first time in Ink Master history, we had a female winner. Even though I wasn’t the winner, I felt like it was a victory for female tattooers everywhere.”


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