Pain Favorite: Derek Toohey of Factory Edge Tattoo

My name is Derek Toohey I work at Factory Edge Tattoo in the heart of the desert Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have 19 years tattooing as a professional, with about 4 years practicing prior. Art has always come very natural for me, and started drawing at a very young age. Tattooing as early as 14 years old, I’ve worked in every style only to find that my particular passion lies in realism. I enjoy doing color as well as black and grey. I lean more towards color these days whenever possible. I believe that working in layers helps to build more shape, texture detail and depth when working in color. My favorite subject matter I would say is horror, Sci Fi and also nature themes. If I’m able to put a surreal twist into the works, then I will do so. I find things outside the norm can produce a sense of mystery or emotion. I never stop Learning and always see room for growth and pushing boundaries.

I absolutely love what I do and I’m always working to get better. I strive to make more technical discoveries that improve my work. There are so many factors that have changed in the industry, reaching new levels that I have been excited to witness and be a part of. This art form has always been very special to me, it’s what saved me as a kid and continues to motivate and push my personal growth and structure not only as an artist but other aspects in life as well. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of this craft and have had a few apprentices along the way. I suppose I can say that to teach is to learn again in a sense. I can start to explain a process and in doing so refresh my memory as well. We keep each other sharp in this industry, keep each other motivated through inspiring works, techniques and progressions. Fill up some ink caps and stay thirsty my friends! If you would like to get tattooed you can find me at Factory Edge Tattoo Albuquerque, NM (Cottonwood location), my Instagram @dtattoohey or email me Thank you all for the love and support.



Dan Kelley

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