Pain Favorite: Robbie Carson – Prison Break Tattoos

I started my tattoo career when I was 15, drawing tattoo designs for the artists in a local studio. I then began tattooing professionally 8 years ago, working part-time in a studio overseas while I was in the U.S. Marine Corps. I received my Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Oil Painting in 2011, and have since followed my passion for art as a tattoo artist, specializing in photorealism and intricately detailed work.

What I love about tattooing and what I find so fascinating is how every person’s skin is very different, making every tattoo a new challenge. With painting, you have the same flat canvas every time. The variety in tattooing keeps me on my toes, and pushes me to keep growing as an artist.

I have two passions in life: helping others and art. I am very fortunate to be able to follow both of my passions as a full-time Houston Firefighter and tattoo artist/oil painter. I love helping and tattooing my community.

Instagram: robbie_carson
Facebook: Robbie Carson, Tattooer


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