Pain Favorite: Yvette Green of Billet Tattoo

I started (what I’d think to be ) the first day time studio in Texas…10am hits and my doors are open until 8 pm. I tried to beat the theory that a tattoo shop must be a nightlife thing, and I’m sure glad I did. It’s been 3 years and Billet Tattoo just keeps growing. Come to find out people actually like getting tattooed as early as I can wake up. Plus, it’s always nice being able to go home and do homework and make dinner with my kids. Call me old school, but I absolutely love eating at the table with my kids at night. I have finally achieved a perfect balance between work and family. I am truly blessed. Before tattooing, I spent a good part of my life in the Army. I was a combat Engineer for 6 years and continued my education in a few different areas that overall led me to become the business owner that I am today. A little bit of business law, taxes, and phlebotomy. I actually graduated top of my class. I ran back to tattooing though. The flexability to be the mother I wanted to be was just there with tattooing.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the opposite of the tattoo stigma. I wear boots and a hat to work, and I love my glitter belt buckle…The bigger the better, and I jam out to country music while I tattoo.  What better place for a country girl to have the cutest little shop but in Texas. I just claim to be that little lone star on the flag, can’t miss us. The shop name Billet, comes from the old days in the military, where men would tattoo themselves to escape time in the Billets after hours. I love that I can bring a little bit of our past to our future.

Yvette Green – Owner of Billet Tattoo Studio
6199 39th – Groves, Texas 77619


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