Pain Favorite: The Tattoo Shoppe


  1. I started my career in Wellsboro, PA in 2011. After a brief apprenticeship, I branched out on my own and I’ve been a full-time artist and shop owner for 7 years.
  2. I specialize in are color work, watercolor and cover ups.
  3. It’s fascinating to me that after seven years in the industry I still absolutely love going to work every day. I love that I get to express myself in my art for a living, and have the opportunity to constantly learn and progress in my craft. That feeling when you give someone a piece of art that they cherish, that has meaning to them… That is the feeling what makes this career so special to me.
  4. I believe that as artists we should remain humble and appreciative that we get to do what we love for a living. Most people are not lucky enough to have that.


I would like to thank everyone that has helped me get to where I am today. Tattooing saved me in more ways than I can explain, and I am forever grateful. – Mike


Cody Gower

Name? Cody Gower Shop? Against the grain tattoo Location? Smyrna TN Age? 30 You’re only 30 years, old, yet you’ve already been tattooing for 11



Name? — Aarika, AKA “Beetlejuice,” AKA “Beju” Shop name? — Tattoo Obscura/Traveler Location?– Anywhere, but mostly Janesville, Wisconsin. Years tattooing? — 11 – – –


Jason Radcliff

Jason Radcliff: Trash Polka and Heartless Bastards Name? Jason Radcliff Shop? Black List Tattoo Parlour Location? Albuquerque, New Mexico Years tattooing? Just over 17 years.