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Stiletto Piercing Supply Promotes Disposables for Safety and Convenience

  According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, about 20 percent of piercings result in complications caused by bacterial infection. Non-sterilized and improper cleaning techniques of piercing equipment are a noted attribute to increased risk for client health and safety issues.  As a professional body piercer for more than […]

Joe Diablo

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Joe Diablo (38) is a well-known and respected tattoo artist from Houston, Texas.  Born in Anaheim, California, he developed a strong love for art at a very young age.  This fascination ultimately led him to tattooing and when it was presented, he seized the opportunity to turn his passion in to his profession.  

Joe began a brief apprenticeship in 2012 from which he quickly transitioned to an independent artist due to his ability and proficiency in the field.  With 8 years of professional experience under his belt, he has developed an appreciation for all styles of art.  Portraits, Realism and Neo-Traditional are the types of tattoos he enjoys doing the most, yet he is alsoextremely skilled at creating custom pieces.  Joe has attended numerous conventions and held multiple guest spots.  Some of his work has been shared by big names such as Rob Zombie and Brian Werner of Vital Remains.  


All that aside, Joe considers his favorite aspects of working in the tattoo industry are the opportunities to meet so many different types of people and to continue expanding his knowledge of tattooing while constantly striving to improve his already impeccable craft.  Despite his talent and flourishing number of loyal clients, Joe remains humble and extremely dedicated to his work and his customers.


Joe has a flair for the macabre, occult and the darker side of the arts while still being a genuine and charming person.  This is reflected in his favorite music (ex: Slayer, Pantera and Sepultura) and movies (ex: Devil’s Rejects, The Exorcist, The Thing, as well as the sci-fi and horror genres in general).  Painting is another one of his favored art forms.  

Joe Diablo is currently working independently as a traveling artist in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas and is always looking to expand his practice and acquire new and returning clientele.  His reputation and portfolio ensure that your ink will be of the highest quality while his professionalism and charisma will make the session an enjoyable and memorable experience.  


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Rapper Turns Himself Into a Vision with Diamond Forehead Implant

  Rapper Lil Uzi Vert shocked his 13 million Instagram followers after posting a photo of himself with a new forehead piercing featuring what is supposedly a $24 million pink diamond. Followers — some of whom compared Uzi to Vision, the Marvel superhero who gets his powers from the infinity stone attached to his head, questioned why the rapper […]