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Becky Taylor of Idaho Vyxen tattoos

Idaho Vyxen tattoos
144 w 13th St. Burley idaho 83318

Phone: 208-219-4597 (my cell #)

My name is Becky Taylor. I was born in Brawely California and was raised in Calipatria California. My parents are Connie and Alex Nava. I was one of five siblings. I grew up with a very traditional Mexican house hold but I am also a Portuguese African and European descent. I never fit in with any crowd. I was always a lone wolf always trying to fit in but never could. So my outlet was art. I joined several art competitions in the community and always won them so I finally found somewhere I could fit in. My parents always encouraged me one hundred percent. In 1993 I moved to Tulare County. I once again struggled to fit in and never seemed to be able to. Until my high school gave me information about a graphic design tech center while I was still in high school. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and enrolled in tcove, a tech center to study the art of graphic design and I loved it. It didn’t fulfill my artistic desire for hands on art. In 1999 I decided to move to Burley Idaho to live near my mother who had since married and moved to Burley Idaho. I had never been in such a slow pasted environment . Meaning I was used to living the city life. I was employed at many jobs from management to cna work and with a small town like Burley Idaho there weren’t many graphic design jobs available. My desire for art was left unfulfilled. In 2008 I lost my sons father Alex. I realized then that life was short and I needed to pursue things in my life that made me happy. While searching for what would make me happy my mother had a talk with me one day while visiting me at my home and told me that she felt I was very talented and that I was wasting my talent and that I needed to do something with my art. And suggested that I get into tattooing. She felt that I would be an amazing tattoo artist one day. So I searched for an apprenticeship in Idaho in 2010. I eventually found an apprenticeship and decided that tattooing was going to be my future. I fell in love with it. Tattooing satisfied my desire for hands on art and it made me so happy. So I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I struggled in the beginning but I was persistent but I never gave up despite so many critical remarks and hateful comments thrown at me in my community. Despite the hateful comments in my community I had a handful of supportive and positive people. Those people kept me going and they are the reason I never gave up. Eventually with enough education and research I started developing and becoming better and better at my craft. I started gaining more and more support from my clients and people in the community. I eventually opened my own tattoo shop Idaho Vyxen Tattoos in Burley Idaho and we have been a successful and thriving business. My mom was able to see me open my first tattoo shop but unfortunately passed away in 2014 from cancer. After she passed away I decided I was going to fulfill the dreams my mom had for me as a tattoo artist. I worked harder and harder everyday and I went to school to learn permanent makeup as well so that I could help cancer survivors with areaola color correction and helped with mastectomy scars with Micro needling scar management. None of this would have been possible without the support of my husband and my four children. They are my cheerleaders, my biggest fans, the reason I push myself to become a better artist. I believe my California upbringing mixed with my Idaho culture make me a more diverse artist. I’m inspired by faces by human emotion. Human emotion inspires my art. I’m also inspired by survivors. The blind, domestic violence, and cancer survivors. In 2009 I fought my biggest obstacle in life. I lost my sight. I had retina detachment and lost my sight in both eyes. There was a chance I would not regain my sight with the surgery. After 3 months I regained some sight. After 6 months I was given a pair of glasses and was able to see for the first time after many months of little to no sight. I decided from that point on that i would never take my sight for granted and tattoo as long as god would allow. Now I’m at a point in my carrier where I’m finally happy with where I’m at artistically and I encourage any artist or any person with challenges or struggles to never give up, to take all criticism and use it to fuel your inner most dreams. I also encourage children especially to not let your diagnoses define you. I also have a son with autism and me and my children never treated him different we encouraged him and supported him and he is doing amazingly well. 100% med free and is in public school. Throughout my life I had obstacles struggles and many different situations that could have stopped me from doing what I love as a tattoo artist. But I never gave up and I never let them see me sweat. And I learned that all human beings should do what they love in life and encourage each other. And that’s the way I’ll always live my life


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