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Papillon Spotlight

What would Tattoo Artists do without their supplies? Where should they go to buy these supplies?

Papillon Tattoo Supply is where everyone should go. This Supply Shop always gives you the best experience. They give you the best service possible and treat everyone like family. They’re open 12 hours, 9a.m to 9p.m everyday 7 days a week to work for their customers. The owner Carl Basile always tries to make time to come out to talk to his customers and see how they are doing, he always makes an appearance when he is not traveling visiting shops around the country. Papillon’s tries their best to satisfy their customers. If they no longer hold a certain brand for whatever reason that someone prefers they will order it. If you are a local shop and cannot find time to pick up an order they can deliver to you, just let them know. If you need it shipped across the world or county they do that too. Just call or go on their website and order. You need anything they have it. Papillon Tattoo Supplies even makes their own ink. Papillon is the original manufactures of Starbrite Colors, Papillon Hemp Ink, Established, Papillon Pigments and much more. Papillon’s is always inventing new stuff for their artists. Soon they will be selling these new needles called “Just the Tip.” People are already raving over them. To keep yourself up to date with Papillon Tattoo Supply you should go follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Carl Basile is always posting stuff about his sponsored artists or new items coming out. Papillon Tattoo Supply is also having their 1st Annual Tattoo Convention. If you sign up before 2019 you will get a Free 18″ by 36″ banner with your shop logo and image on it. Papillon Tattoo Supply are the true makers, not the fakers.



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Tattoo or Not Tattoo

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Impermanent Ink

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