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How do I get into Pain Magazine? It’s the question we hear more than any other.

Each month, we receive thousands of submissions from the tattoo and piercing community. Our staff spends hours pouring over these submissions, and we’re always amazed at the quality of the work —- its kind of a dream job, don’t you think? Ultimately, we go for amazing images, unique artwork and techniques, and an air of professionalism and commitment to the craft.

The magazine you received in your mailbox today took a great deal of planning and preparation — that’s one of the reasons that we’re typically working two months ahead. In each issue you’ll find a variety of regular features such as Shop of the Month, tattoo show coverage, and up-to-date information on regulations, health and safety issues, new product showcases and articles to help you operate a more successful business and market yourself to the ever expanding tattoo and piercing community.

Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to, we can’t include everything we receive — there are only so many pages in the magazine. Our art department has so many individual submissions on file that there can be as much as a two-year wait before you see your work in the magazine.

Because we receive such a high volume of submissions, we’ve decided to offer an opportunity to artists and shops who can’t wait to get into the magazine. Pain’s Favorite’s is a new section where you can showcase your work —- yes, at price: $300 for a full page which includes up to 12 images, a bio, and of course your contact information. Our art department will even work their magic to create a killer layout.

Pain magazine has established itself as a must-read for professional tattoo artists, piercers and other body modification professionals. The print magazine has a monthly circulation of approximately 10,000. That might not sound like a lot until you considerer that each month the magazine is mailed to more than 9,000 tattoo and piercing studios across the United States, and another thousand delivered throughout Canada. You can’t just pick up Pain at the corner newsstand —- our readership of over 36,000, and those are professional artists and business owners like you. People who are dedicated to furthering their craft and advancing the industry.

So for three meager Benjamins — about the cost of one tattoo — your work is reaching the entire tattoo and piercing community. Think of it as your big chance to brag. We’ll send you some extra copies of the magazine so you can display it in your waiting area or frame up your feature and hang it in your work station. You can even send one to Mom! Being seen by other artists and shops outside your local area is also an excellent opportunity to promote your availability for guest spots.

But wait there’s more! For the low, low price of $50, you can jump on the Pain Magazine online presence. The new digital media package includes five social media posts, and an Artist Showcase on the main website with a bio, up to 10 images and a live links to direct people to your shop page and social media accounts.

The Pain website (painmag.com) features a virtual version of the current month’s magazine, as well as an archive of past issues and expanded content that’s only viewable on the web. Unlike the print magazine, which has a dedicated readership, Pain online reaches everyone — okay, so we might not be seen by every single one of the estimated 7.6 billion people who are online every day, but we get our fair share. More than 60 THOUSAND tattoo and piercing artists and enthusiasts visit the Pain website each month. Add to that Pain’s Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages, which are updated daily with news, photos and contests, and have combined more than 15,000 followers.

As you know — without traffic, your own website is little more than an old-school phonebook ad. Being featured on Pain’s website and social media feeds will amplify your reach and drive targeted visitors your way. You never know where online promotion can lead — new clients, invitations to participate in shows or expos, even commissions that utilize your other artistic talents.

Pain Magazine is the go-to resource for the tattoo and piercing community. Let us help you pimp your presence and grow it with passion. The connections are exponential, the possibilities endless.

For more information, contact Jennifer Orellana, Account Executive.
(505) 332-3003.


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