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Temp to Higher: Conscious Living Temporary Tattoos Lead to Permanent Transformation

Conscious Ink

Some people need a few words of encouragement about getting a tattoo. And some people can take a few words of encouragement from a tattoo. That’s what inspired Frank Gjata, a transformational coach for 15 years after leaving a career in advertising, to launch Conscious Ink, a line of temporary tattoos featuring positive words, inspiring quotes and healing affirmations.

Conscious Ink offers tattoos across genres that include healing, abundance and perseverance. Others are dedicated to parenthood, veganism, the Aloha spirit and the LGBTQ community. The tattoos are soy-based and made in the U.S. They last two to five days, depending where on the body they’re applied. Customers can pick and choose from about 500 messages, mantras and images. The messages are simple — phrases such as “Be brave,” “Expect miracles” and “Follow your bliss,” but their meanings powerful and profound.

“Healing and transformational tattoos are all about finding the right script, the right color and the right combination of words that really will connect with someone fighting personal challenges,” says Amanda Brown, who handles community relations for Conscious Ink.

Can a temporary tattoo make a permanent mark on our world? Leave a lasting impression on our disposition? Or even improve our health and healing ability? According to some, the influence of these positive messages can extend beyond the skin. Much research has been done on the mind/body connection. Louise L. Hay, best-selling author and a celebrated pioneer of the mind/body connection, has taught about the power of affirmations since the 70’s. In her best-selling book You Can Heal Your Life, she’s compiled a list of mental/emotional causes to various physical ailments and offers positive thought patterns to address disease at the root level to promote health and healing.

“We’re seeing a movement of consciousness,” Brown says. “There’s certainly something to be said for going to a professional tattoo artist with a specific idea and you ask them to draw it up and there’s a human connection right there — the artist is hearing your story and why you want that tattoo, and when they create that tattoo, it’s very special.”

Since being founded in 2009, Conscious Ink designs have found their way into hundreds of retail gift shops. Brown says a few tattoo shops have even started carrying them. A temporary tattoos will never replace the real thing, but they do have a couple of plusses. Putting one on the body can allow the wearer to experiment with placement. Another benefit of the temporary aspect is that you can change them as often as your mood, or as you shift from one intention to another.

“Oftentimes, the challenges people are trying to overcome and tones they ultimately want to leave in the past,” Brown says. “If you’re a young girl who’s going dealing with issues related to body image, for instance, it may not be something you want to remember for the rest of my life. But in those moments, at that stage of your life, you can benefit from these subtle reminders that help you not to go down that path of these old patterns of thought.”


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