If you were getting a car tattoo, which ride would it be? 

A recent study conducted by the research experts over at Comparethemarket.com found that the Chevrolet Impala was the most common car tattoo, ahead of the DMC DeLorean in second place and the Chevrolet Corvette in third. 


The study analyzed the number of Instagram posts that were tagged with a specific car model followed by the word tattoo to determine the most popular car tattoos. Researchers found 823 separate posts showing tattoos of various different Chevrolet Impala models on users’ bodies, making it the most popular vehicle to get inked. The DMC DeLorean, made famous by its starring role in the 1980s film Back to the Future, was second at 800 Instagram posts. The Corvette was far behind first and second with only 180 Instagram posts. 


The same study also analyzed the most popular car brand tattoos. Volkswagen was by far the most common car brand tattoo at 5,507 Instagram posts, followed by Jeep in second with 2,139 posts and Cadillac in third with 1,775 posts. 



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