Metal Mafia – ASTM F-136 Titanium threadless jewelry

Did you know that Metal Mafia carries threadless jewelry? Metal Mafia has included a variety of ASTM F-136 Titanium straight barbells, curves, horseshoes and flatbacks to their jewelry line. Many of their internally threaded replacement tops have also been included in this new threadless addition, including the popular prong set opal flowers and cabochon crescent heads. Grab some pieces for your shop today!

Metal Mafia – Customized Flat Surface Barbells


Want to add some variety to our shop? Metal Mafia has created customized flat surface barbells that takes the hassle out of searching online. All you have to do is click, grab, and go! Replacement heads available in a variety of gem, semi-precious stone and synthetic opal styles. Pump up the color volume – get your jewelry anodized in-house for just 30¢ extra per piece.

Metal Mafia – ASTM F-136 Titanium Insertion Tapers

Shown: ASTM F-136 Titanium Insertion Tapers, measures internally. Fun tip: Get your sizes anodized by color to cut down on measuring time. It’s a really simple way to eliminate a step in the body modification procedure! Plus, customers love seeing the shiny colors. Available in sizes 18G – 00G.

Metal Mafia – Back to Basics


Back to basics. Metal Mafia carries a huge range of trendy jewelry designed in-house for healed piercings. But before prospective customers can get there, they need piercers to have a full stock of initial piercing jewelry. Shown: Internally Threaded Straight Barbells, available in sizes 18G – 10G in 316L Steel and ASTM F136 Titanium options.

Metal Mafia – Assortment Pack


Looking for a way to spice up the choices you offer in your shop? This assortment pack is the answer. It’s a quick way to add some color to your display case. Each pack comes with 9 unalloyed solid ASTM F-67 Grade 2 Titanium navel curves with bezel set clear Swarovski gem. Available in 3/8” or 7/16”. One of each color included: Green, Yellow, Blurple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Purple, Purple, Light Purple, and Pink.



Since starting in 2001, H2Ocean’s primary goal has always been to develop the highest quality products for your health and natural healing remedies. What you decide to put on your body during the healing stages can be a life changing decision, which is why H2Ocean offers a full line of sea salt based Health Care products hand harvested from the world’s most diverse eco-system – the Red Sea. For over seventeen years, H2Ocean products have been recommended by more industry professionals and enthusiasts than any other Aftercare due to our love of innovation and quality. We are taking a step further in natural healing with our newest product line addition– 600mg CBD Tattoo Healing Salve.

H2Ocean’s Black Label Edition CBD Tattoo Healing Salve is a premium, 100% vegan and organic glide that can be used during the tattooing healing processes. It is packed with the 82 trace elements and minerals that make our glides the best-selling on the market. It also offers temporary relief from pain and itching, and calms you without the psychoactive effects. With 600mg of CBD, it is one of the strongest CBD salves on the market.

What is the Black Label Edition?
All of our products are formulated and tested to make sure you are getting the highest quality you would expect from the best aftercare company on the market. H2Ocean’s Black Label Edition products have had rigorous testing and also have been developed alongside industry professionals with years in the business, and have had no expense spared when sourcing ingredients. These products get the respect of being in a class of their own, and the CBD Tattoo Healing Salve is no exception.

What is CBD?
Found mostly in the trichomes of the female cannabis plant, CBD is one of over 115 different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. To paint a clearer picture of how cannabinoids work, they are agonists that attach themselves to the cannabinoid receptors found inside of your body. Although some of these receptors are concentrated heavily in your central nervous system, almost every single other organ in your body contains receptors. To give you a bit of a better visual, you can think of the agonists and cannabinoid receptors as a lock and key system. When you take in the CBD (an agonist) it acts as a key that interacts with the various locks in your body (cannabinoid receptors). All of this together makes up what we call the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is a massive network inside your body, and the cell receptor proteins have many different functions. CBD has an effect to regulate your mood, memory, motor control, pain, bone development and even sleep. For over two years, H2Ocean has been working alongside trusted and world renowned researchers like CBD Clinic & CBD Medic to assure your Certification of Analysis. H2Ocean quality you can trust in our CBD.

Ingredients: Candelila Wax, Chamomile Oil, Hemp Extract, Golden Jojoba Oil, Magnesium Oxide, Purified Water, Sea Salt, Shea Butter, Silver Oxide, Vitamin B5 Oil, Zinc Oxide, Pramoxine Hydrochloride (1%)

Metal Mafia: 2018 Titanium Catalog

Our internally threaded, ASTM F-136 Titanium Catalog is here! We carry APP compliant ASTM F-136 TITANIUM JEWELRY that costs up to 50% less than the competition’s steel!

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Metal Mafia: 2018 Steel Catalog

Our Internally threaded, 316L Steel Catalog is here!  We offer same day shipping on orders confirmed by 2pm (EST)

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New Novelty is here!

New Novelty is here! Fun 316L Steel jewelry including fashion navels, nipple clickers and more! We offer same day shipping on orders confirmed by 2pm (EST)

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Body Art Solutions: PurSan

In over 25 years of experience running my piercing studio, Piercology, I have found using saline alone has not proven to be effective in warding off irritation in a fresh piercing. You also need to cleanse the area free of dried sebum, dirt and other irritants. Most Piercers agree that soaps containing alcohols, fragrances, parabens, and especially Triclosan, should not be used directly for piercings. What should you cleanse your piercing with instead of these harsh options?

PurSan is formulated and tested specifically for the Body Modification Industry, which requires a unique skin cleansing product. Using PurSan in combination with sea salt soaks makes for a perfect combination for your clients’ aftercare regimen.

Why Use Pursan?

PurSan is a mild, vegan-friendly aftercare cleanser that safely and effectively cleans and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin during the healing of piercings and tattoos.

Free from alcohol, parabens, fragrance, or dye, PurSan contains unique ingredients including Hydroxypropl Methylcellulose; Chloroxylenol (PCMX), a proven broad-spectrum antimicrobial preservative, effective against bacteria and viruses without irritation; Panthenol combined with Allatoin, helps reduce redness and supports healing. PurSan is easy to use and can be kept in the shower for initial aftercare.

Skin typically has a pH level of 4.5 to6.5, a team of chemists and biologists have formulated PurSan with this in mind. Having a pH range of 5.0 to5.5, PurSan matches the very fine skin surface barrier called the “acid mantle”. This “acid mantle” acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses, and other potential contaminates. Standard soaps typically contain a pH level of 7, or higher, which can disrupt this sensitive layer of cells, and lead to dryness. PurSan is manufactured in Canada in a fully licensed facility, which comply with Health Canada and FDA regulations, work under aseptic cGMP guidelines, and strict quality-assurance standards.

It Makes Economic Sense.

Two aftercare obstacles we have noticed are cost, and time commitment. Committing to saline spray for aftercare can cost up to $50 each month, whereas a single 4oz. bottle of concentrated PurSan cleanser costs only $8 in most studios. Needing only a small dime-sized amount once a day to cleanse your piercing, PurSan is not only a more cost-effective option, but is also less time consuming! In our experience, we have found most clients using saline spray, are only willing to buy between one and two cans. When using Pursan you only need to commit three extra minutes of aftercare, while you are already showering. Proving PurSan to be much more convenient than other spray options.

Tried and Tested: Proven Effective.

Piercing and tattoo studios across the world have been using PurSan for nearly a decade. PurSan for piercing aftercare is safe, effective, and economical for clients and studios, and is a perfect combination with sea salt soaks. Whatever you recommend to your clients for aftercare, I am confident PurSan will be a convenient, inexpensive, and effective addition to their aftercare routine!

You can order PurSan at or Bodyartsolutions Facebook page.

Patrick McCarthy, Owner Piercology, Inc.
Past President of APP Association of Professional Piercer Member