September Welcome

As you all may have heard PAIN has discontinued the print magazine.  We will continue to update the website with news, info and great deals from our valued wholesalers and retailers.

If you need anything or have questions please email me at [email protected]

June 2021 Welcome

Hello fellow body modification people,

Its already June, half way thru the year.  Continue the great work and will keep posting it.

Contact Jenn if you have any questions or need a friend.

May 2021 Welcome

May is here and its already looking great.

April 2021 Welcome

Welcome to April.  Look for Jay Cain to appear in our May issue of Pain.  Stay safe out there we are getting near the finish line.

March 2021 Welcome

Welcome to March.  Check out Joe Diablo out of Houston, Texas.  Stay safe out there and let us know what we can do for you.

February 21 Welcome

It’s February of 2021, officially a year since the news of the virus first began dominating the headlines. Caught your breath yet?  

Most of us hadn’t the slightest inkling of the absolute chaos and utter absurdity that would be ushered in by March. A quarantine, government-imposed shutdowns, a largely preventable economic collapse, a wave of science-denial, a toilet paper shortage, and an annoying large spike in accounts – and that barely brings us through April.  

The good news is a vaccine is here. More than one, even. Unfortunately, the bad news is we have a portion of the citizenry who have abandoned rationality to the point that they’re convinced that those vaccines are a Trojan Horse to implant us with microchips. Some of us are starting to believe that Idiocracy was more of a documentary than a comedy. But let’s not digress too far.  

Let’s say a prayer to our deities of choice that the worst of all of this is behind us and we can all get back to work, doing what we love. Let’s also cross our fingers and hope the health departments around the country finally figure out that tattoo and body modifications businesses were trained in sanitation and prevention long before a global pandemic forced everyone to take the crash course and we deserve to stay open as much as anyone, if not more.  

Happy February! Enjoy this, our newest issue ever. We’ll catch you on the flipside.  


Happy New Years.

December 2020 Welcome

Is it really December already? Did we make it? It’s an odd feeling when the urge to celebrate our survival of 2020 overtakes December’s typical festive traditions.  

There’s no melodrama or moroseness intended here, though. It was just an unprecedentedly tumultuous year.  A plague, an economic collapse and mass riots, with threats of murder hornets and apocalyptic comets; that’s not your average trip around the sun. 

For the greater part of the tattoo and piercing community, it was touch and go there for quite a while. For many, that’s still the case. We’re not out of the woods yet; Covid-19 case numbers are still surging and ebbing around the country like a giant game of whack-a-mole and our leaders have yet to get a lid on the situation. We’ve felt the crunch. 

We want you to know that we’re here for you, to continue to keep you informed and connected, as well as act as a source of comfort and inspiration through these trying times. Stay connected with us, not just through the print magazine, but also through our digital offerings. We’re in this together. 

Meanwhile, we’d like to wish you all the happiest of Holidays and a very, very delightful, cataclysm-free New Year.  

November 2020 Welcome

November. Holiday gorging. Purge-esque shopping experiences. A choice between a touchy-feely, possibly senile turd of an old man and a touchy-feely, definitely senile turd of an old man. It’s good to be alive and in America, folks.  


But let’s not go down the rabbit hole of the socio-political bitchfest. Leave that to the Facebook trolls and Twitter-twats. Let’s talk about what’s going on in our world. By that, we mean let’s reiterate what we announced last month and make sure we get it locked in your noggin.  


Person to person contact is tough in the post-covid world. To help ease the strain, PAIN has created a new platform to help you stock up on the supplies you need without having to leave your house – or even wear pants. It’s called SHOP PAIN Magazine and it’s the easiest way to stay liquid on all of your body modification needs. Check it out at [URL]. 


Meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving, happy Black Friday and the happiest of Holiday Season kickoffs! 

October Welcome

Happy Halloween, dear painters of the flesh canvas. Finally, we are approaching a day where everyone will wear a mask without bitching. Swoon.   


It’s been a rough go for this industry in particular, what with the Covid-19 epidemic forcing months-long closures around the country and deterring would-be customers from showing up to get new work done. We know that a significant number of you have been significantly impacted and we know it’s not easy to surmount that level of adversity on the business level.  


We also know that we’ve said this repeatedly now, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who have continued to thrive, we hope and pray you’ll consider your fellow artists and see if there isn’t a way you can help some of them make it through. We’re all in this together.    


Meanwhile, we’re doing what we can to make things just a bit easier for you. Since we’re all trying to avoid unnecessary physical interaction as much as possible, we’ve put together SHOP PAIN Magazine for your convenience. Shop PAIN Magazine is a brand-new platform that enables tattoo and piercing artists to purchase all of the supplies they need in one place without having touch or breathe anyone else’s covids. No mask required! 


Meanwhile, enjoy this, the latest issue of your favorite magazine for the body modification industry. We’ll see you in November.