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About Tommy’s Supplies

In addition to being the only manufacturer of the superior StarBrite tattoo inks, Tommy’s Supplies also carries the finest tattoo equipment and supplies available, all backed by their stellar customer service. Tommy’s invests the time and effort into getting to know what tattoo professionals want and need in the items they use every day, and they strive to exceed every expectation that comes their way. Tommy’s Supplies never stops improving and they are dedicated to staying in front of the industry curve.

No matter what you end up purchasing from Tommy’s Supplies, whether it is their renowned line of tattoo inks or their high-quality tattoo supplies, you can be confident you are receiving a safe, reliable product that will help your artistry shine. To learn more, contact Tommy’s Supplies today.

Shining Light – Body Jewelry, Tattoo Supply, Medical

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Body Jewelry | Tattoo | Medical


Established in 1999, Shining Light is a leading wholesaler in the body piercing and jewelry market. Located in San Diego, we pride ourselves on keeping up with industry standards and predicting new trends. Partnered with a jewelry factory we strive to meet the needs of everyday piercing as well as provide fashion jewelry to stock your display case. Over the years, we have become a one-stop shop for your piercing, tattoo and medical supplies. We pioneered the term “no minimum order” and every jewelry product we manufacture comes with a lifetime guarantee. We produce and manufacture on a massive scale while respecting our customers on a local, small business level.

We offer basic piercing and retail jewelry in a variety of sizes and colors to best suit your client’s individual needs. We manufacture steel, 14 and 18 karat solid gold, rose gold, zircon gold, blackline, and titanium body jewelry and have over one million products to choose from. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can manufacture custom pieces for you.

Our Ink Wall is restocked on a weekly basis, and we offer multiple brands of ink to compliment every skin tone. You can choose from single colors, or boxed ink sets in various shades and hues. We have a wide variety of tattoo supplies including: needles, machines, cartridges, grips and aftercare products to help keep your tattoos vivid and long-lasting.

We carry a wide variety of medical and cleanroom supplies. You can order one box of nitrile or latex gloves, or gloves by the case, with no minimum order. From green soap, to A&D ointment, to dental bibs, we’ve got you covered.

Shining Light’s customer service is second to none and we are able to ship around the globe at a moment’s notice. Our staff is friendly and well educated in all of the products, brands, and jewelry we carry. If you have a question about a product, or would like to make an order, we are here and happy to help. Do you want direct access to a global manufacturing plant with one on one consulting with a knowledgeable live representative? Are you tired of working with multiple vendors in order to acquire all of your shop supplies? Our goal at Shining Light is to be your comprehensive vendor, supplying you with all the tools of the trade. From medical and cleanroom supplies, to piercing and tattoo necessities, Shining Light has it all.
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Studio Ink Cartridges

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Papillon Supply & Starbrite Colors

PAPILLON STUDIO SUPPLY & MFG. and Starbrite Colors are the creation of Michael Nicholson, a true legend tattoo artist also known as “Papillon”, who owned tattoo studios in Connecticut, Vermont, and Florida. Michael held a Masters Degree in Art and from there its history taking his love of drawing and his passion for art, and made it his mission to start a top quality business, manufacturing and selling tattoo ink (Starbrite Colors), tattoo machines, and our Peerless tips, tubes, grips, and needles.

Michael got his first Tattoo from Nick Picarro of Hartford, CT. in the early 50’s which was before Nick started his supply business with Bill Jones. Michael eventually acquired equipment that was left from their business – A coil-winder (Made by Doc Wagner & updated by Bill Jones), fiber punches, dies, and machines. Mike Learned alot throughout the years from talking to artist’s that were local and abroad, and was always grateful to Paul Rogers for his help with making machines with him, and his help making them run efficiently.

Mike Nicholson hired Carol Landry in January of 1994, to make needles and in 1995 he named his ink STARBRITE COLORS after Cindy Cote ( OFFICE MANAGER ) thought of the name. together they produced new Starbrite Colors. After Mike’s death in 1998, Papillon continues to make the Starbrite Colors for Papillon Studio Supply & Mfg to this day and has expanded the line by creating new colors.

Today Papillon Supply continues on without Michael because of the hard work and loyalty of the employees who both knew and loved him, and who appreciate what Papillon represents.

PAPILLON SUPPLY and Starbrite Colors –

Invictus Body Jewelry

Salesone LLC, was created 17 years ago to supply body jewelry to piercing shops and retailers which were suddenly getting enormous demand from their customers. Before the late 90’s body jewelry was not a popular fashion. Pop Icon’s such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilar’s and others helped to break the body jewelry out of the extreme and into the pop culture conciseness. Thankfully, We have come a long way culturally since then!

The company focus has been in the alternative , new, and niche products and prefers to stay clear of the consumer good mentality. The name Salesone is merely the business name behind it’s most important efforts including Body Jewelry, Men’s Alternative metal Jewelry, and Licensed Fan based Jewelry. Our mission is to provide the best quality product with affordable pricing. We only sell to shops and do not sell directly to the consumer.

The evolution of INVICTUS body jewelry is born from the company getting back to it’s quality roots before competition drove prices down to levels that forced quality to be compromised by nearly all the suppliers. As Professional Piercers know, the quality of the product used in the piercing process is very important. And, the consumer actually recognizes this importance as well.
We want our customers to have the best and safest experience possible with our jewelry.

INVICTUS body jewelry is manufactured only using implant grade materials (Ti 6Al-4V ELI ASTM-F136) that are all internally threaded.

INVICTUS Body Jewelry –

Monster Steel

Since 2001, Monster Steel has provided a full line of quality products for your tattoo supply needs.

To run a successful business in your industry, you need dedication, guts, and a great partner who succeeds when you do. We look at things slightly different than the rest at Monsters Steel. We have learned over the years that the best way to grow in the tattoo industry is to help others succeed. We are proud of the extensive collections of wholesale body jewelry and tattoo supplies we offer our longstanding customers. By forming partnerships with our clients, we have learned that our place is to keep them in business and profitable. The rest just falls into place!

We have come to understand that all tattoo shops require a few essential tools that must be of exceptional quality. Stocking the top brands of tattoo ink, we make sure you have every color in your pallet. From black ink and greywash sets to skin tone and zombie greens, top brands like eternal ink, Intenze, and Starbrite have the right ink for the piece you are working on.

Another essential tool in your arsenal is the very best tattoo needles. We carry a nice assortment of affordable tattoo needle cartridges as well as traditional bar tattoo needles for those artists who prefer the old school ways. We value our relationships a great deal at Monster Steel. We are happy to work with TATSoul to carry their full line of tattoo supplies including their famous and always perfect Envy brand needles. From Bugpin to double stacked Mags, we have the exact configuration you need. Mag Lock and Bishop are the two premium lines of tattoo needle cartridges we proudly offer to artists. We feel these two lines are broad in needle groupings they offer in addition to offering a quality, well-engineered product at a reasonable price.

Monster Steel supports local artists and industry leaders. We carry rotary machines by Welker, Ego, Bishop, and more. Artists from all over the world are creating ingenious designs using modern technology and old school talent. Though we carry coil tattoo machines from major players such as TATSoul and Terry Welker, we are especially fond of the works of art created by talented artists working until late in the night making quality, American made tattoo machines. Hard working artists like Jake of Painful Irons creates amazing hand made machines at a price anyone can afford.

Monster Steel strives to be your go-to source for all of your tattoo equipment, power supplies, body jewelry, aftercare and accessories. Our large and diverse selection means that you don’t have to chase down multiple suppliers for your tattoo ink and tatty supply needs. We pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation and have developed many long-term relationships over the years. We are committed to providing the best possible customer service and building a relationship to help you succeed.

      Check out our site and if you have any questions, or want to talk to a live person, check out our contact page or call us directly at 1-800-630-9256.

Since 2001, Monster Steel has worked with the top artists and brands in the world, offering exceptional tattoo supplies & wholesale body jewelry with outstanding customer service! Welcome to Monster Steel! Shop our selection of tattoo & piercing supplies fit for individual & wholesale buyers. Free shipping on purchases $200 or higher.

What tattoo inks does Nikko Hurtado use?

Hurtado can be seen using FusionIntenze and Eternal Inks. Usually, setting up several colors from the 3 brands and mixing them himself while tattooing to create custom colors. He is even featured with Fusion Inks as a signature artist, and has an artist palette sponsored in his name that includes 8 colors available in a set or individually.

Hurtado’s talent can’t be denied, and he has built a following for himself over the years due to his outstanding work and humble nature.

To purchase his stencil solution, Anchored click here or if you would like to see more of his work, click here.

Metal Mafia

Wholesale Body Jewelry | Piercing Supplies

About Us

 Ethics matters.  In life and in business.   Bombshell Accessories/ Metal Mafia trades on that principle. In the era of cutthroat and carelessness,  we choose commitment and accountability. No excuses.  No slack. No margin for error.  Bombshell Accessories/Metal Mafia is the result of three people’s dedication to doing it right every time,  in a world where things being done wrong has become the norm. We make jewelry,  but our company also makes a home for both the people who work here and the people we serve.  Our style is as persuasive as our honesty. Our quality is as irreproachable as our integrity. Our designs are as righteous as we are.

Please Note: We are a wholesale company only, therefore there is a minimum order of $100.00.


Order wholesale body jewelry and piercing supplies from Metal Mafia. Your order of piercing supplies and body jewelry ships the same day when received by 2pm Est. Get the highest quality body jewelry for the best price and unique styles that can only be found at Metal Mafia. Internal titanium jewelry meets APP standard for initial piercing jewelry!




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