Eternal Ink: Atmospheric Landscapes

Frank La Natra Atmospheric Landscapes

Frank La Natra, Photo by Nicky Connor

Eternal Ink worked with artist Frank La Natra to mix a set of tattoo ink colors designed specifically for aerial perspective. La Natra’s Atmospheric Landscapes ink set is a twelve-color system designed to simplify the color mixing theory into pre-arranged color groups with the addition of three tones of ‘atmosphere’ hues.

In simplest terms, the illusion of distance or aerial perspective in landscape art is created by adding ‘atmosphere’ to the objects in the landscape. Atmosphere is the air and dust between the viewer’s eye and the distant objects. Atmosphere alters the original color of an object. When you recognize that atmosphere affects color, you accept that the greater the distance an object is from you, the more effect atmosphere has on the color of an object.

Pigs Really Do Fly, original tattoo art by Frank La Natra

Atmosphere is implied in art by desaturating and lightening a color. The greater the distance, the more desaturated the original color will become. Frank La Natra has established a set of three mixing hues called Atmospheric Light, Atmospheric Medium and Atmospheric Dark to aid the artist in simulating atmospheric distance in background art. These three hues are to be selectively added to the original color of an object to adjust the hue into appearing distant. Objects that are very near the viewer will retain their original color. The further away an object appears, the more a color requires desaturating to simulate atmospheric distance. The three hues of Atmospheric Light, Medium and Dark are used for highlights, mid-tones and shadows.

In addition to adding atmosphere to desaturate a color, the artist should also lighten the value of the object’s color. The further an object is from the viewer, the lighter the object will appear. Adding a touch of Eternal Ink’s Snowflake or Ivory will lighten a color without washing out the color. Again, the same approach applies – the greater the distance, the lighter the value of the color.

Presented below is an example of Frank La Natra’s Woodlands Light and Dark. The color swatches simulate the progressive effect of adding Atmosphere and Ivory to desaturate and lighten the color. The result is a convincing range of Woodland colors as seen in the near, middle and far distance of a landscape.

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Artist Information:
Frank La Natra, Into The Woods Gallery, Dania Beach, Florida

Eternal Ink, Inc. | 7987 Lochlin Drive, Brighton, Michigan, 48116 | (248) 677-4060



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