Starbrite Inks: Vivid, Sterile, and Reliable

One of the most important products you purchase is the tattoo ink you use. You need ink that will bring your creations to life, ensure the safety of your customers, and stand the test of time. That is exactly what you will get with StarBrite inks from Tommy’s Supplies. They are renowned in the industry as being one of the best on the market, and they are available in 160 vibrant colors (available in single bottles and color sets) so you can always have the right hue on hand.

About StarBrite Tattoo Inks

Back in the early 90s, Tommy Ringwalt Sr., the founder of Tommy’s Supplies, collaborated with industry experts to craft a tattoo ink that offered the brightest colors available. This creation altered the future of the tattoo industry, especially when it was shown that the colors barely faded as time went on.

In 1994, Tommy separated himself from his partners to open Tommy’s Supplies, and when he did this, he took the tattoo industry to a whole new level by producing and carrying the best products available on the market today.

What Makes Tommy’s StarBrite Inks Different

As with all successful products, Tommy’s Supplies has faced a lot of knock-off competitors; however, Tommy’s is one of the only companies with the pure, clinically tested tattoo ink that the StarBrite reputation was built on. In addition to their improved formula, all of their inks are produced, sterilized, and tested in a certified clean room. They work closely with chemists, dermatologists, and scientists to make sure all of their inks will be as safe and long-lasting as possible. Additionally, Tommy’s is a family-owned business, and they provide a welcoming environment to all of their customers.

How to Distinguish Authentic StarBrite Inks from Look-alikes

With so many inferior competitors, it can be challenging to know when you are getting the tried-and-true StarBrite Colors sold by Tommy’s Supplies.

However, there are several details you can look for:

  • A clear bottle, a black twist cap, a bottle seal, and a uniquely shaped vinyl die-cut label
  • The correct manufacturing address of 34 Egypt Road, Unit A, Somers, CT 06071
  • The trademark symbol (™) after the name—Tommy’s is the only company with the registered trademark for StarBrite Colors.
About Tommy’s Supplies

In addition to being the only manufacturer of the superior StarBrite tattoo inks, Tommy’s Supplies also carries the finest tattoo equipment and supplies available, all backed by their stellar customer service. Tommy’s invests the time and effort into getting to know what tattoo professionals want a­nd need in the items they use every day, and they strive to exceed every expectation that comes their way. Tommy’s Supplies never stops improving and they are dedicated to staying in front of the industry curve.

No matter what you end up purchasing from Tommy’s Supplies, whether it is their renowned line of tattoo inks or their high-quality tattoo supplies, you can be confident you are receiving a safe, reliable product that will help your artistry shine. To learn more, contact Tommy’s Supplies today.



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