November 2020 Welcome

November. Holiday gorging. Purge-esque shopping experiences. A choice between a touchy-feely, possibly senile turd of an old man and a touchy-feely, definitely senile turd of an old man. It’s good to be alive and in America, folks.  


But let’s not go down the rabbit hole of the socio-political bitchfest. Leave that to the Facebook trolls and Twitter-twats. Let’s talk about what’s going on in our world. By that, we mean let’s reiterate what we announced last month and make sure we get it locked in your noggin.  


Person to person contact is tough in the post-covid world. To help ease the strain, PAIN has created a new platform to help you stock up on the supplies you need without having to leave your house – or even wear pants. It’s called SHOP PAIN Magazine and it’s the easiest way to stay liquid on all of your body modification needs. Check it out at [URL]. 


Meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving, happy Black Friday and the happiest of Holiday Season kickoffs! 

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