Welcome Month – April 2020

Hello and welcome to the April issue, dear painters and augmenters of the flesh canvas. We hope you’re enjoying the warming of the air and the lengthening of the days as much as we are, and that you’ve already jumped through the necessary hoops to keep the Taxman at bay for another year. Old Uncle Sammy needs his sugar, so make sure you fork it over. He gets awfully cranky when his levels drop.

While we’re on the subject of calendar-based pleasantries, happy Easter and a joyous stoner holiday to all of you. To those of you who are giving out pot-themed flash tats for $42 on 4/20, we salute you. To those of you hadn’t thought of that yet, you’re welcome. It’s what we’re here for.

We’ve got a fantastic issue put together for you. As always, it’s chock-full of solid tips and savvy tricks, along with a healthy helping of tattoo eye candy. And as a bonus for the nerds this month, we’ve put together a short history piece highlighting some of the pioneers of tattooing. No, we’re not talking about Lyle Tuttle or Sailor Jerry. We reached back further—back to the carnival days. Take a peek, give it a read and add a wrinkle to your brain. Meanwhile, enjoy your month of April and all the festivities within. We’ll see you after the showers have brought the flowers, or whatever it is they say.